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Sunday, January 20, 2013


In the time since the half marathon in December I've tried to keep up my running and other training but some of it has fallen off my radar (like speed work and strength training to a certain degree) mostly because I was doing things to work out that I enjoyed rather than had to do.  Anyway... it's all different now that half marathon training has officially begun, again.  Last Sunday we were invited to Coach Barbara's house for a Team Challenge alumni group run/walk and breakfast.  I was excited to see folks that I trained/raced with as well as meet other Team Challengers from previous seasons and I was not disappointed.
I can't believe those are my splits!

It was a fun 4 mile run on local roads.  I ran the first 3 miles with Christine at a super fast and fairly consistent sub 10:00/mile pace.  For the last half mile or so I slowed down and ran with another alum from the 2012 Las Vegas training season.  I was super excited about the fast pace of the first ~3.5 miles but it was nice to be able to catch up a little with him so I didn't mind the slower pace!

I loved running with my Team Challenge peeps and I know that training for this half marathon is going to be different since there won't be any group runs on the schedule for awhile (13.1 Chicago training starts in March) but I am hoping to get in a few weekend runs (aka long runs) with Christine since we are both trying to maintain/continue training.

So... here's what my training was supposed to be for the week:
Monday:  Run, 3 miles easy
Tuesday:  Cross training or strength
Wednesday:  4 Mile, Tempo (w/u, 2 mi @ 11:04, c/d)
Thursday:  Cross training or strength
Friday:  Run, easy 30 minutes
Saturday:  Run, 5 miles
Sunday:  Off

And here's what I actually did:
Monday:  Run, 3 mile easy (10:02 pace - maybe not easy but I felt good with that pace)
Tuesday:  Rest, my legs felt tired and sore so I did nothing (and regretted it, of course)
Wednesday:  Tempo run (1 mile warm-up @ 11:11, 2 mi @ 10:05, 1 mile cool-down @ 10:41).  Coach B said the cool down was too fast but honestly I stopped looking at my watch and just ran what felt good.
Thursday:  Bike (indoors) 4.60 miles (20 minute warm-up) and then strength training
Friday:  Recovery run 34:12 (3.21 miles) & fat bike ride with Dan (4.95 miles in 31:48)
Saturday:  Run, 5 miles (50:48 overall time but had to walk a bit due to some phlegmy issues)
Sunday:  Bike (indoors) 15.1 miles in 60:00 (wanted to make up for the rest day that I took on Tuesday so I spent some time bonding with the bike trainer today)

Overall, it definitely felt like a week of half marathon training.  I am hoping the phlegmy issues that I dealt with on a couple of the outdoor runs will resolve quickly because having to stop when I feel like I'm choking (on myself) absolutely sucks.  I can also say that I haven't run in such strong winds since the half in Las Vegas (I think) so this was a week that really tested my will power.  It also burned my face.  Thanks a lot 30 mile per freaking hour winds!

How was your week?  Are you training?  Resting?  Undecided?


  1. Happy to report that my training went well! I'll be leaving in about a month for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, my second year. Had my first 10-mile run on Saturday, and actually felt good when I finished! Run/walk intervals helps me maintain a good (for me) pace. No wind running for me; I head indoors when the weather is nasty! (Wimp.)

  2. Great job!