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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Good, Bad and...

Happy New Year!!

The tagline on my blog says I'll tell you about the good, the bad and everything in between.  Well, if you like that kind of thing you're going to love this post!  So buckle up because here we go:

  1. BAD:  Two weeks ago I gained 5.4 pounds, last week I lost 5.4 pounds and yesterday when I weighed in I gained 6.6 pounds.
  2. GOOD:  Over New Years we fat biked for miles and miles - and it is way harder than I thought it'd be but it is also so much more fun.
  3. BAD:  I was mostly on plan with my eating but on New Years Eve and New Years Day I went a little crazy with food/drinks.  (Trader Joe's chocolate dipped peppermint jo-jo cookies are delicious and they pair really well with a Brandy Old Fashion Sweet!)  It was a delicious but stupid way to celebrate so now I'm back on plan.
  4. GOOD:  Last week I ran several days in a row for longish (5+ miles) distances and then we biked so I took nearly a week off from running.  Today, I laced up my Adrenaline's and went out for a run.  During the first mile I felt like crap and considered cutting the run short (3 miles) but as the miles ticked away, and parts of me started to go numb, I felt better so I kept running.  For 5+ miles!
I think that's all I have for today... I'm determined to get back on track and lose these same 6 pounds that I've been battling for a few weeks.

How was your New Year?  Did you celebrate in a major way?

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  1. Hey, it happens. Just jump back on the train and go forward. It's all you can do. :)