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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Parties and races...

Saturday night we held a fundraiser for my half marathon fundraising campaign.  Between weigh-in on Tuesday and Saturday I just kept thinking - eat clean because Saturday probably won't be on plan.  I did just that - I got in all my good health guidelines, worked out every day and chose fruits and vegetables instead of sweet treats.  When Saturday afternoon rolled around and it was time to set up the buffet of food I let myself eat - not to the point of eating so much that I wanted to unbutton my pants but I had a little bit of everything and it was all delicious!  We'd had the pulled pork and brisket prepared by an award winning BBQ chef and it was amazingly delicious.  Either the working out or the clean eating worked because weigh-in went well on Tuesday!  *yeah*

This of course brings us to this Sunday when I'll run the Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago.  This will be the furthest distance I've ever run and I am really terribly excited and a little nervous.  We are using it as a training run for the distance but our coaches also wanted to make sure that everyone had the opportunity to race before we head to Vegas.  It should be fun because a bunch of my teammates and coaches are running and some friends are running/walking the other various races.  Plus, Dan is coming to take pictures which always makes a race nice when you get to see friendly faces along the course.

Did you survive Halloween?  What'd you do to get through the seemingly endless bowl of candy?  What do you look forward to for a race?


  1. Congrats...once again. You're a trooper! So proud of you. Hugs!

  2. I look forward to new "first" - first time running a new distance [I think I'm done with that now that I've run a marathon, though - not too sure about ultras....], first time at a new [hopefully faster] pace, first time feeling strong at the finish line/keeping my pace, etc. Good luck - you'll do great!

  3. Hi! I just wanted to send my very best wishes for a fun and successful Hot Chocolate to you! I love this race; there's something about the scent of chocolate fondue that lures me forward. Have a blast, make sure you stop for a finisher photo at the end, and enjoy the process. You're gonna do great!