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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All about progress

Last week was incredibly busy so I apologize for not posting a weigh-in update.  We had two road trips last week for the Thanksgiving holiday and while I loved spending time with my family I'd be lying if I didn't say it was overwhelming.  I tried to prepare by picking up extra fruits and vegetables and even packed them so we could eat them in the car!  I also made sandwiches before we left so we wouldn't have to take our chances with finding something on the road.  I had mixed emotions about my weigh-in last week because I stayed exactly the same.  I know that I have to be more mindful about eating less when I'm moving less (brilliant - right?) but I sort of forgot how many temptations there are when I'm away from home.

There were gas stations with sugary drinks, tempting sweet and salty snacks and ice cream.  I'm not sure why ice cream was appealing to me because it was 29 degrees but it was.  There were honey-nut cheerios at Mom and Dad's house not to mention a home made blueberry pie not to mention all of the Thanksgiving dinner favorites!  Plus we'd taken home some of my favorite beer and while I tried to track everything I know that some of those bites and tastes didn't get tracked.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that at weigh-in last night the scale told me I'd done alright.  I gained 1.0 pound but given the amount that I felt like I ate last week I wasn't unhappy with that result.  I know that this lifestyle isn't about perfection so I will definitely accept progress.  

How was your Thanksgiving?  Did you make any new healthy traditions?  I didn't run on Thanksgiving but am really going to try to include that in my schedule next year.


  1. Thanksgiving was good in my world, thanks for asking. ;) I have started a tradition (this was year two) of doing the LaGrange Run 3.14 Pie on Thanksgiving morning. You run 3.14 miles, you get a pumpkin pie. Win/Win! There are so many Turkey Trot opportunities, you'll have no trouble finding one for next year. It's great to set yourself up with a calorie deficit before the feast.

    Gaining only one wee pound in a holiday week is great progress! Be proud of that. If you can stay steady on your program over the holidays, I believe you (and I) will start the new year able to just continue the momentum you (and I) are already building. Let's do this!

    1. I read about your PI run - that's awesome!! :) I never thought about it quite like that - gaining one pound in a holiday week. I'm sure in years past I probably gained more like 3-5 pounds so yes, this is progress! YEAH US!!