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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Half Marathon Update - Week 9

Believe it or not another training week has come and gone.  This week was crazy busy for me because in addition to my usual training activities I was also busy putting the last minute touches on the fundraiser that we hosted last night.  It was definitely a busy week but I felt really good about my training and then I had a blast at the party!

So, here's what I was supposed to do:
Monday: Run, 5 miles
Tuesday: Cross train or speed
Wednesday: Run, 4 miles, medium effort
Thursday: Strength
Friday: Easy 30 minutes
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Run, 7 miles

And here's what I actually did:
Monday: Run, 5.4 miles
Tuesday: Bike, 10.46 miles
Wednesday: Run, 5 miles (avg. pace 11:29 -- pretty good effort!)
Thursday: Bike, 12.43 miles
Friday: Run, 3.12 miles
Saturday: Bike, 6.87 miles (it was FREEZING cold so we stopped early)
Sunday: Run, 7 miles

I feel like I had really solid training this week and feel good going into Week 10 and the Hot Chocolate 15K race that I'll run on Sunday.  This will be my furthest distance to run, ever!  Dan is coming to spectate and photograph the race so I'm excited about that.  I'm going to try to keep a good pace but not go out too fast (which I usually fail at) so we'll see how that goes.  Wish me luck!

As a side note - you have until 10/31 at 6 pm CST to place a Wildtree order.  The company has so generously agreed to donate 20% of all the sales from my party to my fundraising campaign.  Wildtree products are all natural and very delicious.  How about a delicious new rub?  Or dip mix?  These items could sure help out during the upcoming holidays to get those meals prepared and served quickly, couldn't they?  In order to place and order please shop on the Wildtree website.  Or you can donate money directly to Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America via this secure website.

How was your week?  Who ran?  Who raced?

Big shout out to my very dear friend, Ryan, who ran the Marine Corps Marathon with his son this weekend.

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