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Monday, October 22, 2012

Half Marathon Goals

As half marathon training quickly ticks away I can't help but think about the goals I'd like to accomplish with this race.  I figure I need to start writing these things down so that on December 3 or 4 when I want to write my fabulous half marathon recap I can identify whether I was successful or not.  These are listed in no particular order ... and I'll probably update/adjust them up until race day.

  1. Exceed my fundraising goal
  2. Be happy while running this race (you've already done the hard work of training and fundraising and now it's time to have fun)
  3. Run the entire race, even if the pace is slow as hell, keep running
  4. Listen to the crowds and enjoy the bands on the course
  5. Don't fall down
  6. Do not accept anything on the course (food/drink) that hasn't been tried during training
  7. Finish the race running - seriously
  8. Finish the race with a gigantic smile plastered all over my face
  9. Fuel appropriately during the race
  10. Have a photo taken with my space blanket and race medal
  11. Rehydrate appropriately after the race and then enjoy a beer
  12. Eat whatever you want after the race - don't count the points but that meal is it. Then back on track.
  13. Have fun with your family who will be there before/during/after the race
If you were running your first half marathon what would your goal be?


  1. My goal is simple: finish

    That's it. That is the only goal I want for my first. The next time around I will set other goals but this is my baseline. I just want to have fun.

    Also, a good rule of thumb I learned is don't drink a beer until after you have peed at least once after the race :)

    1. that seems reasonable - I will keep that in mind. Thanks D!