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Friday, August 31, 2012

Half Marathon Training - Week 1

I can't believe that week 1 of half-marathon training is actually over.  I realize how corny that sounds but time has really flown by this week.  Prior to training beginning we were given a training schedule which I loosely followed.  The schedule was supposed to be:
Monday:  1 mile
Tuesday:  Cross training or speed work
Wednesday:  1 mile
Thursday:  Strength
Friday:  Easy 30 minutes
Saturday:  Rest
Sunday:  Group run

Here's what I actually did:
Monday:  Bike 14 miles
Tuesday:  Long run (used Learn 2 Run Week 6 Day 3 training run)
Wednesday:  Bike 14 miles
Thursday:  Speed work (2:30 warm-up walk, 2:30 jog, 1:00 run/1:00 walk (repeat x 5), 5:00 cool-down walk)
Friday:  Easy 30 minutes (3.03 miles @ 12:00 pace)
Saturday:  Rest (I think)
Sunday:  Group run

The hardest workout was actually the speed workout.  I need to get the speed pace under control because the first two running intervals I did were at 8:XX pace which is super fast but I ended up quitting early on the other intervals because I ran out of steam (and confidence).  I made up the time in the end but I still felt like I failed but at least now I know how to set some expectations/goals for next week's speed workout.

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Until next week.... Happy Running!

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  1. Wow that sounds like amazing workout week! Good for you.