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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Finding motivation

I have to admit that I struggled this week.  I found myself dipping into my activity points more than I normally do and used some friends coming over on Sunday as an excuse to go crazy food-wise.  We had drinks at a new place up the road from us and shared an appetizer between the four of us.  Then we went to a sushi restaurant where I definitely ate more than I should have because I wasn't paying enough attention to what I was eating so I lost track of exactly what I ate.  Then I decided that after dinner I wanted a cookie so we walked next door to Panera.  While I looked at the pastries I thought to myself... gees these don't even look good enough but I bought an orange scone anyway and shared it with my friend.  We shared a few more drinks that night and when I tried to tally up the PointsPlus values on Monday morning I was shocked.  First of all, an orange scone from a restaurant is 11-13 PointsPlus?  Yikes!

I suppose that the meeting topic this week was especially timely when we talked about the ways to use Weight Watchers to be successful.  All of the things I know encourage me to keep going and that I can make good choices no matter what.  So, I am recommitted to working this program and getting back on track.

What makes you re-evaluate what you've done?  How do you get re-engaged to get back on plan?

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