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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Half Marathon Training - Week 2

As the second week of half marathon training comes to a close I have mixed emotions.  I had a few really good runs and a few days that I didn't do anything because I wasn't feeling well and the weather was less than cooperative.  Let's talk about the good runs rather than the not feeling well part because that is just going to be a lot more fun.  I decided to head across the border to Wisconsin to spend a few days with my parents before they head to Texas for a reunion.  I was planning on hopping on the bike to get in some good cross training on Wednesday (the day I left) but when I woke up it was storming so I couldn't do that.  Not wanting to spend the time in the gym I decided it'd be another rest day.  However, while I was driving to Wisconsin I realized that I could NOT go three days in a row without doing SOMETHING.  So, I figured if the weather was nice when I got home that I'd head out for a run before dinner.

Mom asked me when I arrived how my bike ride went and I told her that I bagged the ride but was going to go for a run before dinner and hoped that the temperature would drop a little.  It was close to 80 that day so the weather wasn't bad but I was hoping it'd be better.  As I was getting ready for my run my dad asked if I was going running (he's perceptive that way) and I asked him if he wanted to come along (on his bike) and he agreed.  So, away we went.  Dad pedaling ahead of me and watching in his "rear view mirror" either to make sure that I was still back there, still running or maybe checking that I hadn't fallen over!  He'd go on ahead of me for awhile, turn around and ride a ways behind me and then catch up.  He warned me about trucks that were coming, deer that I didn't see and just made me smile having someone to "run" with in the country.  I know this run will be one of my favorites for a long time because I got to spend that time with my dad.

The other run I did was part of my 5K - 10K training plan that I've been following.  I didn't mind running in the country however going much farther on the country roads would have meant some serious hills would be involved and I didn't want to navigate hills on such a long run (it would be about 6 miles).  So I decided to head to town and had mapped out a pretty good route.  Dad told me that there is a path around Memorial Park that was 3 miles long so I figured I'd just run that loop twice and that wouldn't be so bad.  However, I missed a part of the path because the loops I ran were only one mile long.  After two and a half laps I decided to venture out of the park and run through town.  It was a great run with the most perfect running weather - cool and sunny, exactly the way I like it.

So my training schedule was supposed to be:
Monday:  Run 1 Mile
Tuesday:  Cross training or speed work
Wednesday:  Run 2 Miles
Thursday:  Strength train
Friday:  Easy 30 minutes
Saturday:  Rest Day
Sunday:  Run 3 Miles (Group Run)

What my schedule actually was:
Monday:  Rest Day
Tuesday:  Rest Day
Wednesday:  Run 2.68 Miles
Thursday:  Run 5.84 Miles
Friday:  Rest Day
Saturday:  Bike 9.2 Miles/Strength Train
Sunday:  Run 3 Miles

I am hoping my actual training schedule is a lot closer to the planned schedule next week but I also know I logged some solid miles with good pacing so I feel good about that.  So, while I'm training how about you go and donate a few dollars to my fundraising campaign?  You can donate by clicking on the Team Challenge logo at the top of the page, by visiting my fundraising page or even by mailing me a check!  Donations are tax deductible because CCFA is a 501(c)3 registered charity.

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