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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's ironic... don't ya think?

Growing up we never had name brand clothes unless we found them at a garage sale, which, since I was overweight even in high school that rarely happened.  Before my senior year of high school we were in Oshkosh at the outlet mall and I bought my first pair of name brand jeans.  A pair of Levi's that I'd use in my senior pictures.  I thought that these pants made me cool (wrong) and I loved wearing them and was sad when I couldn't fit into them any longer.  However, I never had the heart to get rid of them because I always thought that one day I'd fit into them again.  A few months ago I pulled them out to try them on and while I could get them on I couldn't button them or zip them so I put them back in the closet and I forgot about them.  Until last night.

I have no idea why I got it into my brain that I should try them on last night especially since I gained so much weight on vacation but I did and I couldn't go to sleep without trying them on.  I pulled them out of the closet and this time they went on with ease and I was able to button and zip them.  Awesome, until I looked in the mirror and realized that the thighs were too big.  I think Jen would be proud of me to know that this is an accomplishment (realizing that the pants don't need to be of the MC Hammer variety) but I was mad that I missed the opportunity to wear these pants again.  Especially considering I went out and bought a new pair of jeans to take on the trip!  Bollocks!

So, when I went to my meeting today I told this story and one of my meeting mates said to me "you can't be mad about not fitting in them, can you?" and I was a little taken back by the question.  It wasn't really the question but the fact that I actually didn't know how to answer it.  I mean, I know that I am not mad that I've lost the weight!  This might take some more thinking...

In the meantime, in case you missed my new pumpkin recipe you should check it out.  It is super yummy and only 3PP per huge serving!!  Even Dan likes it (and he generally hates sweets!)

While you're checking things out don't forget that you can still donate to my fundraising campaign.  I have already raised some money but need to raise even more.  The donations are tax deductible because the money is going to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) which is an "A" rated charity.  Please take a minute to donate and feel free to share the link/information with others!

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  1. That is the same reason why I never buy clothes in a smaller size. I'm too afraid I'd miss my chance to wear them. And yes, I too would be mad. Especially if I had a pair of pants I kept since high school. I would totally want to wear them just because. So I guess it's one of those happy/sad experiences.