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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back on Track

I think it's safe to say that I'm back on track.  I worked really hard last week to stay within my daily points target (though it didn't always happen) and to get in a lot of activity.  With the cooler temperatures it is definitely easier to get out there and exercise.  I am happy to report that I got back out to hit the training schedule (week 5 day 3) which required 38 minutes of straight running.  The pace wasn't what I'd hoped (I wanted a 12:00 mile but it was 12:46 mile) but since I hadn't run in over a month I was happy enough to be done with it.  The rest of the training runs I have as part of the 5K - 10K training program have me steadily increasing running time but with also including some of the training items from the Team Challenge training schedule I'm sure that my goal pace will be back where I want it in no time.

I was also delighted to meet other members of Team Challenge last week.  Everyone seems so nice and excited to have us as team members and I'm sure that will make running fun.  My first team run will be on Saturday and I'm dragging taking Jen with because everything is more fun with a friend.  Named Jen.  Seriously the poetry is awesome today!  :)

Oh, you can check out the box to the left to see how weigh-in went.  Spoiler alert:  IT WENT AMAZINGLY WELL!!!

Do you workout with a friend?  How do you keep things fun when it comes to working out?

Don't forget that you can donate online to my Team Challenge fundraising campaign.  It's super simple and tax deductible!

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