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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Power of the group

Normally I get to meetings early so I have a few minutes to chat with everyone and catch up with the regular Tuesday ladies.  I was running really late yesterday and ended up walking in after the meeting had started and I was surprised when a few of the ladies looked at me and said things like 'oh good you're here'.  The meeting I go to is comprised of some of the strongest women I know and it is truly encouraging, every single week, to hear about their successes and how they overcame their challenges.  I feel so lucky every week to be a part of that meeting and to be able to learn how to continue to be successful.

I missed the celebrations part of the meeting (boo!) so if there were any big celebrations I hope someone will let me know.  If any of you are reading this and you celebrated last night... here's a YEAH!!!  (clap clap clap) for you.  Good job!

Last week my leader did something after our meeting that was a first for our group.  She took all of our name tags and made a ball with them and gave them to one of the members (my friend Jen, in fact) to take home.  Karen, my fabulous leader, said that whoever had the ball had the power of the group with them.  We did this again last night after the meeting and even though I don't have the ball of name tags I still feel like I have the power and encouragement of the group.

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