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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Change it up!

The last couple of weeks have been a little sad when it came to weigh ins.  So last week I was determined to increase the amount of activity that I got in a week.  As I was losing weight I was also losing activity points, sort of.  I was walking 2 miles on most weekdays and 3+ miles on at least one weekend day.  I decided that now was the time to change my routine and start doing 3+ miles on week days and see how things went for the weekends.

Last week I logged the following distances:
Mon - 3.16 miles, average pace 17:41, average speed 3.39 mph
Wed - 3.10 miles, average pace 17:18, average speed 3.47 mph
Thu - 3.23 miles, average pace 17:09, average speed 3.50 mph
Fri - 2.94 miles, average pace 17:27, average speed 3.44 mph
Sat - 2.75 miles, average pace 17:29, average speed 3.43 mph
Mon - 3.16 miles, average pace 16:44, average speed 3.59 mph

I racked up a whopping 34 activity points, which I did not convert into food points; I just logged them.  When I went to weigh-in today I was rewarded with a fabulous 3 pound loss.  It was certainly a challenge but I felt amazing and I've never regretted a workout once it was done.  Have you?

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