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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tracking really is helpful!

My friend Ryan and I were driving to the CTA station one night in Rosemont, IL and we were pointing out different landmarks when I said, what do you think that is?  He looked at me and deadpanned.  That's a bridge!  Oh... duh.  This has come up several (thousand) times in the decade that I've known Ryan because from time to time I have a hard time focusing.  This is one of the reasons that I love love love the eTools journaling so much.  It is so easy to journal (I do it either on my computer or on an app on my phone) so I do it all the time which allows me to go back and find out what I ate or, more importantly, it also allows me to compare my level of activity from week to week or month to month.  I mean really - going from earning 20 activity points one week to 8 the following week is a HUGE change.  I'm hoping to be back in the 20+ activity points this week. 

Do you do anything like this to figure out why you had a bad week?

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