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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gettin' the job done. Slowly.

I know I should be happy that the scale is going in the right direction but having 3 weeks where I lost more than 2 pounds per week spoiled me.  Honestly though I thought when I went to weigh in today that I was going to gain so I was a little bit happy when I found out I lost half of a pound.  I won't be setting any records with this kind of weight loss but at least I'm going in the right direction.

I walked another 5K this weekend and while it was cold and very windy I did it.  And I did it four minutes faster than I did last weekend!  I was amazed that I'd completed it any faster than last weekend because at some points I had such a strong headwind that I felt like I had stopped walking.  Lucky for me I had a 60 pound yellow lab to keep me going!  Now if only the weather would improve because while I will walk when it's cold I will not walk outside when it is raining.

The meeting topic this week was all about tracking, which I do pretty religiously.  I use tracking to remind me what I've eaten.  In the past I have eaten things and then completely forgotten what I ate or how much and just out of habit or boredom I will eat something else.  Over time, clearly, this adds up.  So I use the eTools and iPhone app to track what I eat and how much activity I get.  Plus I know that when I have a bad week I know I can look back at the good weeks and find out what I did and where I need to improve. 

So what do you do to keep yourself on track?
What do you do to motivate yourself when mother nature isn't cooperating?

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