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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

9 days off plan...

Sort of.

Friday afternoon, January 28, my bestie Sheri, Briscoe (my black lab mix), Tucker (my yellow lab mix) and I left to drive to Northern Wisconsin.  Our husbands and Sheri's dog, Nitro, would be joining us later that night.  I had packed healthy treats and my food scale for our 9 day long scrap-a-palooza.  I knew that I would likely stray from the plan but that I would try to be good.  This was harder than I anticipated.  I'd forgotten that internet access from the house is questionable, at best, and since I do all of my journaling online I was a little bit lost because I couldn't look up points values.  I still tried to make good decisions though I know that sometimes there was a spotted cow (or two) clouding my judgement. 

When we went grocery shopping we chose lean cuts of meat and Sheri made this amazing dip out of greek yogurt and Hidden Valley Ranch Zesty Southwest Ranch dip mix.  We ate it with lots of baby carrots and celery sticks and it was YUMMY.  I fully intend on making this at home this week and will post a picture/recipe later.  I picked up the usual Crystal Light and made it in big batches to keep in the fridge.

Unfortunately, I don't think the food we brought or the food we bought at the grocery store was the problem.  We spent a portion of two days at the local coffee shop enjoying their free WIFI, some really good coffee drinks and a pretty decent cinnamon roll, better when it was warmed than when it was cold but it was good either way.  Sinfully good.

I tried to sort of make up for the delicious full fat treats that I rarely, if ever, end up eating when I'm at home by spending even a few minutes playing with the dogs outside.  Briscoe absolutely loved racing up and down the driveway with some toy in his mouth.  Or even without the toy because it is lost in the snow.  He still loved it and showed his appreciation by sleeping and snoring all day Monday after we got back.  I am really going to try to work on being more active this week even for a few minutes a day.  Anything that I can do is a step in the right direction, right?

I saw a post on a blog that I read pretty regularly that said if you spend 15 minutes every day doing something you don't normally do that by the end of the year it adds up to 2.2 weeks.  15 minutes is, as the author states, like change you find in the couch cushions.  The intention of the post was to encourage you to pick up a new skill during those moments we spend doing mindless things (ironically, you should probably be doing that instead of reading this!!)

Anyway... ok, I'll try it. 

What about you?  Can you commit to 15 minutes a day?  Have you already?  What's your favorite activity?

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