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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's all her fault.

The women in my family (mom, sister, and me) have always struggled with weight.  For as long as I can remember I think at least one of us has been on some kind of diet or exercise program.  Maybe about a year or two ago my sister started a new plan and lost a bunch of weight.  (Insert applause and tons of YEAH SISSY!!)  We were home for a family reunion last summer and my sister turned to me at one point and asked if Dan or I could drive her car to my parents house.  No problem but how are you going to get home?  To which she replied:  I'm going to run home.  And she did.

Sometime after I started Weight Watchers and after she'd run a half marathon I'd casually mentioned to her that someday when I lost a bunch of weight maybe we could run a half marathon together.  Now, don't go get all OMG on me or anything because we're not going to run a half marathon.  Yet.  I saw my sister online last night and we started chatting and she asked me if I wanted to walk a 5K with her to which I replied, well I did just buy that new pair of tennis shoes.  Apparently, in her mind that was code for "yes".  :)

As I thought about it I got more and more excited about it and I went that instant to the website and registered for it.  We're going to walk a 5K in Eagle River, WI on Saturday, May 14 and I'm excited.  I think that maybe having a goal to work towards is really going to help me get moving.  This way, I know I have to be ready to walk that far by May 14 rather than just saying... oh yeah, I'll add more activity to my day.  So... here we go.

Though there is still a little part of me that is thinking what in the world did I agree to do.  It really is all her fault. 

And I love her for it.

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