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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bananas, Grapes and Apples... Oh My!!

With the introduction of the new WW plan last week I've been recalculating and reevaluating our favorite foods.  Following last week's meeting though we immediately hit the grocery store and I stocked up on Honeycrisp apples, bananas and red grapes.  I had eaten these foods before, obviously, but nothing in the quantity that we have in the past week.  I think I bought 6 pounds of bananas last Tuesday night and then I made another trip to the grocery store for more fruit and other items on Friday!  At this point the people in my meeting joked that we should have bought stock in Dole and Chiquita! 

I don't know if my weigh-in today was a result of the new plan or catching up from the last couple of weeks but something made a big difference when I stepped on the scale.  I lost.... (drum roll please...)

4.8 pounds!!!

The lady who was doing the weigh-in (not my normal leader) asked if I wanted to celebrate that?  I looked at her like she'd just spoken Latin to me but I replied politely "of course I do!"  I want to celebrate EVERYTHING!!!  Any loss is good news!

So that's my week.... surprising because we'd gone out to eat for three dinners last week.  I know I didn't make great decisions for everything last week so I guess I'll wait to see what happens next week.

How are you guys doing? 

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