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Monday, November 24, 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving Thoughts

I know that with Thanksgiving rapidly approaching that it is time to start thinking about what is going on our holiday table.  Obviously I love to plan it out because I know that it helps me stay in control and on track.  However, I have other people to take into account for a holiday meal rather than just a regular week night meal.  My holiday meal will be shared with my husband, brother, nephew and dad.  I'm pretty excited about it and even more so after asking my brother what he wanted to eat.  He responded by saying that he didn't really care as long as it was healthy.  I've also checked out a new cranberry recipe that I'm definitely going to try.  

So, our menu will look like...
Roasted Turkey and Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Baked Sweet Potatoes
Baked Squash
Cranberry Chutney
Blueberry Pie
Pumpkin Spice Muffins

I'm hoping the day will also involve a short run but that is really going to depend on the weather and this cold/sinus infection that has decided to invade my head.  I will definitely be trying to move more prior to and following the turkey!

What's your Thanksgiving plan?  Have you planned your menu and how you'll fill your plate?

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