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Monday, November 10, 2014

Sharing Tips for Success

Success isn't always blingy, but it should be!
Last week during our meetings we talked about sharing our tips for success and members at Weight Watchers were encouraged to share your tip.  I think we have to step back and determine what success means?  One thing I said last week is that through Weight Watchers I have learned that you don't have to follow the program 100% perfectly.  In fact, the program is able to be personalized so that it can fit YOUR life.  This is so important because no one program can work for everyone.  Ultimately, we have to change the way we interact with food forever.

So, if the program is able to be personalized so much then how do you define success?  Well, here's how I define it... at least today.  Ask me tomorrow and the list might change!
  • Eat/drink what I want in moderation
  • Feel better
  • Be more active 
  • Getting through a candy fueled holiday with limited temptation
  • Going to one of my favorite bars and not ordering off the fantastic craft beer menu (sorry Alan, next time!)
Have you thought about how you define success?  If so, shout it out ...

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