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Friday, January 10, 2014

So ... it's been awhile

When I first started on my weight loss lifestyle makeover I'd read blogs and then suddenly... nothing.  Sometimes the author would pop in and post and it usually said something with an apology and maybe an admission to having stopped some of the healthy routines they had been building and following.  I thought to myself that would never happen with my blog but as I realized today.  It has.  And I'm sorry.
I was so happy before this race...
Not sure where I lost that happiness?
I choose to get it back.  NOW.

Especially considering my last post was all... woe is me and maintenance is hard.  I'm not saying I was wrong, because maintenance is hard but my leader, Karen, told me a long time ago that I had to choose your hard.  She's right.  So, really, I just need to get over it and do the work.  I've been over my goal weight and not happy with my weight for over a month.  I knew it had a lot to do with the fact that I stopped running for awhile.  I told myself that I was taking time off between half marathons to really rest before I started training again.  Well, training had officially started.

In fact, I read the calendar wrong and so I'm a little late to the training game but I'm hoping it'll be fine.  I've gotten in two training runs in the past week and while the first one felt good (I credit the sunny and above 0 degree weather after the Polar Vortex) the other did not feel good (I blame the cloudy/foggy weather).  Having taken so much time off I know that some of these first few runs are going to feel harder than they would have but I know that the time off was beneficial to my legs, my body and my mental health.  So... I've made my choice.  I choose to push through the bad runs and keep going.  I choose to get back to my goal weight.  Those are both things that would make me happy and I choose to be happy.

Make any choices like this lately?

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