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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vacation Antics

Over the weekend we were in Wisconsin, again.  It seems like most, if not all, of our summer holidays have been spent behind the cheddar curtain.  This has make for a fabulous summer and some amazing memories.  During a brief moment I'd posted this gem on Facebook:
Yesterday's Northern Wisconsin shenanigans included nearly hitting a deer with my Salsa Mukluk (fat bike). Mental note: check the rules on keeping a deer you hit with your bike.
To which one of my friends responded that this story needed to be explained on my blog.  This is where things might get a little boring... cause, that's pretty much all there is to it.

Clearly not taken this weekend!
The snow should have given that away!
Dan and I went out biking on Sunday on the back roads of Arbor Vitae.  Riding our fat bikes generally gets a few strange looks and some comments from other riders or passers by.  This weekend was definitely no different as we even received comments from people driving past who stopped to ask questions about our bikes.  Dan rides a black Surly Pugsley Necromancer and I was riding my green Salsa Mukluk (obviously, as it's noted above).  In case you're not familiar here is a photo of our fabulously fun bikes on a frozen lake in Wisconsin (circa January 2013).  The bikes are super fun in winter because 1)  you can still bike in the winter with the increased traction from the fat tires and 2) because you can bike on frozen lakes.  I dare you to try that with your fancy road bikes people.

But those are stories for another day.  On Sunday we road around the airport and tried to re-enact the opening scene from Top Gun when Maverick is riding his motorcycle next to the runway and gets all charged up when a jet takes off next to him.  We really thought this would happen since we heard the jet warming up on the runway but it didn't move...until we were well past the airport.  We'd been riding for well over an hour and covered some 14 miles when out of the corner of my eye I saw a deer.  This was a pretty small deer so I immediately started looking for more and/or mama.  She was a few feet away and they took off running.

Once we'd returned home I asked Dan if he saw those deer (he was riding behind me at the time) and he said that he hadn't seen them until he saw my head whip around.  Then he started looking in that direction and caught sight of the white tails.  I'd commented that this would have made a hilarious excuse for a DNS (did not start) for my half marathon on Sunday, provided that my bike didn't sustain serious damage because that would just make me crazy sad.

You just can't make this up...

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?

Also, does anyone know if you get to keep a deer that you hit with your bike?  Just checking... you know.  In case.

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