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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Winning Strategies

Let's face it, when I don't get enough sleep the first thing I want is coffee and along with coffee I'd also like half of the bakery case.  This month at Weight Watchers we're talking about time saving strategies so that we can get more sleep which will help us to make healthier choices.  So I started thinking about what strategies have worked for me during weight loss and maintenance.  Then I read an article about a study by Dr. Sherry Pagoto.  The article, in a nutshell, says that we should forget about dieting and focus on lifestyle because
if we stop following the "diet" then the weight comes back.  This made me think of something my Weight Watchers leader, Karen, told me at my 2nd meeting and something that my coach, Barbara, told me again this week.

Making small changes will have a lasting impression.

Remember this half marathon?
Ugh... yeah, not so good.
When I started Weight Watchers the small changes were to increase
the number of fruit/vegetables I was eating per day or increasing the amount of water and decreasing the amount of soda I was drinking.  These things worked perfectly and became a routine for me.  I replaced my old unhealthy routines with new healthier routines to change my lifestyle.

Coach B taught me the same kind of thing when it came to activity.  At first I was terrified of being registered for a half marathon and she made me realize that I wasn't going to run a half marathon the first
After more training the next half marathon
went so much better!
See what lifestyle changes can get you?
week of training but that through smaller workouts I'd build my endurance so that I could complete it.  Now, not all of my half marathon attempts have been successful but the overall routine of being active has been tremendously successful in getting me to my goal weight and helping me maintain.  All in all I definitely want to make healthy changes that will become routine so I don't even think about them.

Are you working to make lifestyle changes?  What are your winning strategies?

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