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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Quick and Easy Meals

The past couple of weekends have been incredibly busy which is why I've been quiet on here lately.  So, the routine for this month seems especially relevant.  Two weekends ago we were in Wisconsin with friends and had an absolutely amazing time.  But I knew I overate.  A lot.  There were more starchy carbs eaten in four days than in the last year I think.  Last weekend we were home for a family reunion.  Let me tell you, my mom and aunts can cook up some seriously delicious eats.  Again, I overate.

Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the food that I ate.  Not surprisingly, after having eaten way too much (and things I'm not used to eating) I got sick.  It's "nice" that my body reminds me when I make stupid choices.  Being able to put together a quick meal is essential to staying, or getting back on, plan.  I'm pretty good with the side dishes, mostly because there are only a handful of vegetables that Dan will eat which certainly makes that part of the meal easier.  Then it's just a matter of figuring out the protein for the meal.

My favorite side dishes:
Brussels with Bacon
1 bag frozen Brussels sprouts
2 slices bacon
1 t. olive oil

I cut off most of the fat from the bacon and just use the meatiest parts.  Add the olive oil to a pan, then the bacon and the frozen sprouts.  Cook for about 8-10 minutes.  The bacon should be crispy and the sprouts tender with a little crunch.  Since the bacon is salty you don't really need to use seasoning, in my opinion.

Garlicky Green Beans
1 bag frozen green beans (I like the french cut beans best)
1 t. olive oil
garlic salt to taste

Add olive oil to pan, then green beans.  Cook until beans have begun to brown.  I add a little spray butter and then garlic salt or another seasoning (sometimes steak or barbeque) depending on my mood.

What quick and easy meals do you have in your pocket?

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