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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I've been going through a new (to me) pattern lately.  I'll gain weight for a few weeks and show a big loss at the scale.  While I still consider this to be maintaining it is psychologically exhausting.  I knew when I started this journey that I'd never be done with weight loss/maintenance but I didn't realize how hard maintenance would be.  I realize that this sounds all "woe is me" but it's hard.  Like, finishing my first half marathon hard.

Throughout my journey people always talked about how great I looked and how great things were going for me but I don't recall anyone saying anyone ever mentioning how hard maintenance would be.  I know I'll get it together and I think that starts with admitting that I have been having a problem keeping it in check.

The last couple of weeks I've been following the Simply Filling technique which has been pretty wonderful.  I've been able to enjoy a number of foods that I'd previously avoided in favor of lower PointsPlus alternatives.  I'm guessing that my new "indulgences" is what has been getting me into a little bit of trouble as well as the fact that I'm probably not listening to my body cues as well as I should be and eating past being satisfied.

Which do you prefer - Simply Filling or Tracking?  Why?  Any advice?

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