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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Over Memorial Day weekend we were in Northern Wisconsin with my in-laws.  The weather was alright (a little cold and very windy) but otherwise it was a great weekend.  The best part, in my opinion, was learning about some WW friendly foods from my mother-in-law.  We learned that Sara Lee makes some hotdog buns that are only 2 PointsPlus value each, which isn't bad considering the other PointsPlus values of buns.  She also made a desert out of 1/2 of a cup of 1 PointsPlus strawberry yogurt, a bunch of fresh strawberries and fresh blueberries.  Holy YUM!  I've discovered that blueberries are definitely a new favorite food.  The other, and quite possibly the best, tip was about Peanut Butter. 

She told me about a product called Better'n Peanut Butter which is only 2 PointsPlus per 2 T. serving.  Seriously, compared to 7+ PointsPlus values of other varieties I think we can all agree that this is ground breaking.  She said she found this in the peanut butter aisle, but when I went to the market I found it in the organic food aisle.  It is more costly than regular peanut butter and you have to refrigerate it after opening but in my opinion, if you like/crave peanut butter it is totally worth it.  We've almost gone through an entire jar in a week!

Last week I did my weigh-in on Thursday so when I went to weigh in this week I was a little nervous.  I had, again, forgotten to look at my weight tracker before I got on the scale so when I saw the number I was thought, uh oh.  My leader said you lost 1.2 pounds.  Seriously?  Awesome.  I'll take that!

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