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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Hundred and Four!

So, I surpassed 100 pounds today!!!! 
(Yes, that totally deserved four exclamation points)

I've been walking a lot and even shaved FIVE MINUTES off my 5K time since my first 5K in mid-May.  I knew I only had two pounds to go after my weigh in last week so I was really hoping that this would be it but when I got on the scale I didn't expect the number that I saw.  
I knew I hit 100 pounds as soon as I stepped on the scale.  Once my weight had been logged I wanted to run out into the store because I'd heard about a new Crystal Light product I wanted to try.  On my way out of the meeting room I met up with some favorite meeting members and that is when I realized....
I lost 6 pounds since last week.  SIX POUNDS!!! 


I don't think I have any tremendous advice to leave you with this week other than to keep going.  While it may not be a huge milestone week for you, every week is something.  Even weeks when the scale is not moving the direction you want, or when it's not moving at all, keep going with your plan because it's the only way you'll ever get to your goal, and that feeling is awesome.  

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