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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's a New Day!

Sunday was the Weight Watchers sponsored 5K Walk-It Challenge.  My bestie, Sheri, asked her friends to join us and even offered goodie bags as incentive.  I met Sheri at her house and we drove to McHenry where we met up with Marianne, Anita and Karen (our walking posse).  We got registered and dropped off our Weight Watchers sponsored goodie bags in the car before heading over to the starting line.  We snapped some photos and then they fired the starting gun and we were off.

The route we took was a little crappy.  We walked on the streets of McHenry which were currently under construction.  The route had loose gravel and was terribly uneven, which caused some muscle aches later.  Anyway, we were rewarded with a beautifully sunny day and a nice breeze exactly at the moments we needed it.

The last quarter mile were spent on the high school track and I found it terribly ironic and a little encouraging that as I rounded the last turn to the finish line my iPOD started playing Jennifer Hudson's song "It's a New Day" that she wrote for the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program.  Seriously?  How appropriate is that?

We followed up the 5K with massages and a BBQ at my bestie Sheri's house.  The food was amazing (thanks Sean) and plentiful!  The massage, including the hot stones, felt amazing after having walked so much in the last week.  All in all the day was amazing and I'm so happy that I did it and that I improved my time by 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  How awesome is that?!

Now, where's the next 5K?

UPDATE:  5/25/2011 8:45 pm.  I got a tweet from Weight Watchers last night because I'd tweeted about the Walk-It Challenge and how I was excited about it.  Apparently the folks at WW were excited that people were excited to take part in the challenge and they selected some of those tweeters to win prizes.  The tweet I received told me to contact the social media director (ok and seriously how cool of a job do you think that has to be?  <insert jealousy here>) so I did and I got a response that I won the following:

a signed copy of Jennifer Hudson's "I Remember Me" CD
a code to redeem a free pair of Skechers Shape-ups on
a Skechers T-shirt (available in M/F sizes S-2XL)
a Skechers water bottle
a Skechers bag

Seriously?  Awesome.  Plus I still think it's funny that Jennifer Hudson's song came on while I was finishing the 5K!

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