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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mixing it up

The past few weekends have been so busy with family plans and travel.  Last week was kind of rough because I felt really tired and was battling a sinus infection. Then this past weekend was crazy busy with the drive up to Wisconsin for the 5K and then spending the weekend with family.  So, I have been really happy to get back to a routine, however, sometimes it's good to mix things up.

Dan sent me an article yesterday morning that had 15 easy ways to be healthy.  The first one, and I'm convinced it was the ONLY reason that Dan sent it to me, was to eat eggs and bacon for breakfast.  This seems completely timely because the meeting this week was about breakfast.  We talked about different options for breakfast with varying PointsPlus values.  Some of the things that my fellow meeting goers have for breakfast sounded REALLY good.  I enjoy breakfast but I have been known to eat the exact same breakfast items for weeks at a time.

Based on the inspiration from the conversation yesterday I decided to change things up.  This was my breakfast recipe from this morning:

1/2 c. vidalia onion, diced
1 c. fresh mushrooms, sliced
1 c. fresh spinach
1 slice reduced fat singles (though I will likely leave this out going forward)
1 La Tortilla Factory Tortilla (Extra Virgin Olive Oil Multi Grain)
2 slices Jennie-O Extra Lean Turkey Bacon
1/2 c. egg beaters egg substitute

Saute the onion, mushrooms and turkey bacon until cooked to desired doneness
Add spinach and cook until it's wilted
Add egg beaters and cook until done
Wrap up in the tortilla and enjoy.
Total PointsPlus value:  6 (it'd be 5 if I left the cheese out)

The best part was that I was so satisfied all morning.  Normally I'm looking for a snack sometime around 10 am (I normally eat around 8 or 8:30) but today I didn't even think about a snack until 11 am.  How great is that?!

Do you like to mix up your breakfast or do you go with what you know/is easy to prepare/you pick up on the way to work?

Oh, and by the way, my weigh-in this week was awesome.  I lost 3 pounds.  And I got to show off my 5K medal!

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