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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I've mentioned milestones before.  In any weight management program milestones are important.  I like to set realistic goals so I don't get discouraged.  So, when I reach a milestone I generally use ten pounds as my next goal.  It seems easy enough because it's not a huge number but far enough away that it'll take a few weeks to get there. 

Well, I hit a BIG milestone.  I lost twenty-five pounds.  25 pounds!  I don't know why but I tend to say it over and over again. My leader made a HUGE deal about it at the meeting.  The reward?  It's a small 'charm' that looks like a washer and it says 25 pounds on it.  It is supposed to fit onto a keychain that you get when you lose 10%.  I'm guessing that generally people lose 10% before they lose 25 pounds but I like to do things a little bit out of order!  Anyway to be 'honored' by the people who are on this journey with you is amazing and I'm thrilled.

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