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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Apples vs. Brownies

I was not looking forward to weigh-in.  Last week was a gain and I had followed the plan.  I followed the plan this week but what if the scale went up again.  But I still needed to go to the meeting and get on the scale.

So I did.

I also had a huge week.  Not only did I lose SEVEN POUNDS I also hit a big milestone.  I lost 5%.  This is a big deal in the WW meetings.  You get recognized during the celebration portion of the meeting and you get a giant sticker.  I keep my stickers on the front of my book/weigh-in journal.  This also happened to be the first milestone that I celebrated during a meeting.  I was elated.

This was also one of the most memorable meetings because of something my leader had to say.  She started by showing us a plate of five apples.  She also showed us a pre-packaged brownie.  She asked us to guess how many points were in each.  The apples are easy - 1 point each so five points.  The brownie, which she said was just a store bought brownie, not fat free or anything because this wasn't a trick question.  I guessed 4 points.  I was wrong, the brownie has the same number of points as the plate of five apples. 

Even more surprising than that, is what our leader said next.  Your body requires the same volume of food and drink everyday.  If you choose to have the brownie (which is fine as long as you journal it), your body will still require additional food because the volume on a brownie is so much less than the volume of five apples.  I was shocked to say the least.  Really?   Ok, this is good to know.

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