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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Milestones are huge.

Part of the Weight Watchers (WW) plan celebrates milestones.  At the beginning of the meeting the leader will announce those who have lost five pounds, or five additional pounds.  Your WW group also celebrates things like 10, 25, 50 pounds and 5%, 10%, etc...

They celebrate smaller milestones, for every five pounds you lose you I am three meetings in and I hit my first big milestone (beyond a 5 pound loss).  I lost another pound so I hit a 15 pound milestone.  When your leader recognizes you, it's thrilling.  My leader also asks each person being recognized how they were successful or what they have found that works.  I like this because it feels real.  I get to learn from the other people who have made this plan work.

Most people say things like... follow the plan, don't cheat, drink your water, journal everything.  Knowing that other people are doing something and it is working, is comforting to me.  It makes me want to do that so I can be successful too.  I mean, there's really no reason to reinvent the wheel, right?

Given that I'm able to follow the plan and hit milestones like losing 15 pounds is proof that it works.

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