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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I lost! I lost BIG!

I know that when you start a new weight loss or weight management plan that the first week, or maybe even two are big weeks.  I've been told it is because of the water weight you lose.  I also think it's because you do change how you eat.  Instead of hitting SONIC and getting a corn dog, large tots, large cherry limeade you opt for a salad and diet cherry limeade.  Ok, maybe that's just me.  :)

Making changes even as small as cutting out soda completely is a huge change.  One that definitely shows up on the scale.  My first week was a little different only because I wasn't able to go to my regular meeting because i was on vacation.  My first weigh in after being on the plan didn't count because it hadn't been a week since my previous weigh in.  I was a little worried about the weigh-in because as I said, I had been on vacation to Seattle and Portland.  We walked a lot but given that we also visited a number of craft breweries and the Oregon Brewers Festival I was still worried.

I really wanted a good loss so that I wouldn't get discouraged.  I was shocked at the actual number.


I was about ready to kiss the meeting leader I was so excited.  I've never lost weight like this before.  I thought this kind of loss was the kind of weight loss you see on TV shows.  The ones where the people end up working out about 16 hours a day.

But this wasn't TV.  This was real life.  This is my life.  I have the weigh-in sticker to prove it.

The big question, how the hell do you keep this up?

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