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Monday, June 15, 2015

Post race thoughts: LITH TRI

In Eagle River, WI at Journey's 5K with Brenda
Yesterday, after my triathlon I went to watch Dan play in a pick-up hockey game.  As we were driving I said that it was a day for two firsts -- my first triathlon and my first race in the rain.  He disagreed and reminded me of this race from back in 2011 -- my first 5K.  It suddenly seemed completely appropriate that yesterday's weather was less than fantastic to complete my first TRI!

Checking out the water
We got up at 4 am so I could eat my usual peanut butter and banana toasts with some coffee after getting dressed in my tri kit and dealing with two very confused dogs (why are we up so early?  It's still dark outside so I can't see if there are any bunnies or birds to chase!) before getting in the car and heading to the Costco parking lot.  This was where they were doing the body marking and where I could pick up my packet.  Wheel Werks -- the store where we bought our fat bikes were the bike sponsor and on site for any last minute bike needs.  I saw Bob (the owner) and he asked if I was going to ride my fat bike (he asks me this every time I see him and I usually end up saying no) and with a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon I told him I was!

With Diane
We rode over to Transition 2 (T2) so I could drop my bag and check out where my bike was going to be parked after the run portion of the race and then rode to the beach and Transition 1 (T1) where we met up with Diane and I set up my bike and gear to be ready for when I came out of the water.  After a bathroom stop and picking up my timing ankle bracelet I got into my wet suit.  The race start was delayed a little bit but soon enough we were lining up to start.

My favorite photo
I tried to remember to just go slow and I ran out as far as I could before diving in and beginning to swim.  I thought I was dead on course but I was wrong, several times, and had to course correct.  I got kicked, I kicked a few people but I just tried to stay calm.  I got to the part of the lake where I knew it was shallow enough to stand, and so I did for a few seconds to catch my breath.  Apparently that is enough to alert the Cary Dive Team who immediately shouted at me to see if I was alright.  I said I was and then started swimming again.  Rounding the last giant triangle marker has always been the hardest for me because there is so much stuff to see on shore that it's hard for me to sight where I should be swimming.  On I went and soon enough I could stand again and I began to run up the beach.

Diane helped me get out of my wet suit, I sat down, got my socks and shoes on, grabbed my helmet and ran out of T1 and instantly smiled.  The looks I got for my bike were AWESOME and I proudly road and smiled for 15.5 miles.  Volunteers and Police Officers were cheering for me and I tried to thank them all.  There were hills but I stayed on my bike using every single gear that my Salsa Mukluk bike has and I was excited to be riding.  The rain continued, lightly, but I could feel the water sloshing in my shoes and I was thankful that I had a "dry pair" and fresh socks at T2.  There were a number of times when I stopped smiling long enough to have happy tears stream down my face but then my smile returned.  Soon enough I was heading back into T2, parking my bike and getting out of my wet socks and shoes.

I stripped off my tri top and put on a different shirt, put on (thankfully) dry socks and shoes and heading out for the run.  Which quickly became a walk with Diane.  I just didn't want to make my body go any faster.  I could feel pain in my ankle, in my quad and my knee.  I was just content to walk.  Diane encouraged me to run and we did until I'd feel pain.  I saw Dan near the finish line and started running.  I'd done it... I'd accomplished a goal that I never truly thought possible.  And I had the most amazing husband who got up at 4 am just to stand around in the rain and take these amazing photos of me.  I know that I'm truly blessed to not only have Dan as my best friend and husband but to be able to take on new goals and challenges and have his never ending support.  I'm also blessed to have received so many really fantastic and encouraging words these last several days as I was freaking out.  Thank you, to each and every one of you.

I'm a Triathlete! Here's how my race broke down: 
Swim: 0.5 miles: 22:53.35 --> T1: 3:41.05
Bike: 15.5 miles: 1:13:01.05 --> T2: 2:57.30
Run (or in my case walk): 4.0 miles: 57:56.60
Total Time: 2:40:29.35

So, what'd you do this weekend?  New goals?  New accomplishments?  Share!

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  1. Congratulations!!!! So glad you got to compete in and complete such an awesome race!!