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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Are you mindful or mind full?

Last week in the meeting room we talked about being mindful.  I know that normally I am more on the mind full side of that equation than the mindful side.  You know what I'm talking about -- you're having a conversation with someone and watching TV/reading Twitter/Facebook/a real book at the same time?  There are more times that I can count when I know that Dan and I are talking and I look at him with utter confusion because I have no idea what we're actually talking about.  Well, the topic last week hit me hard.  Being mindful.

Oh look, another TRI photo
(I can't help it, it's my favorite!)
I want to be more present in the moment.  Every moment.  During the meeting I was all 'oh yeah I've totally got this'.  Remember when I said that I wanted to enjoy my triathlon?  Well, just days before we talked about being mindful I kept thinking during the race -- just focus on this moment.  You did all the hard work and can enjoy this race.  People are clapping for you and you have a wonderful husband waiting for you at T2 so just have fun.  I did have fun and I was so proud of myself for being mindful of the joy that having spent months training really got me across not only the start line but the finish line as well.

Except that I find myself very quickly slipping into that mind full group.  So, my goal for this week is to be more present in the moment and enjoy the moments rather than worrying about what's next.

What's your goal for the week?

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