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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Whew! And a whole lotta Congratulations!

Me, Nitro (golden retriever), Brianna, Sheri, Briscoe (black lab)
Some people did some amazing things this weekend.  First, my friends Judy and Kim ran a 15K on Saturday.  Then on Sunday Kim completed the Willis Tower Climb.  Seriously, these ladies are awesome and both inspire me so much so CONGRATULATIONS to both of them.  On Sunday my friends, Sheri and Brianna, and I hiked two miles to raise awareness for canine cancer (Briscoe had a tumor removed from his thigh last year so he walked with me and Nitro had a tumor removed from his thigh last week so he walked with Sheri and Brianna)

My best "coming to the finish line" photo (so far)
There was also a little marathon in New York City.  A couple of the bloggers that I follow were running in it and I read a recap of the marathon on the Carrots 'n Cake blog today and giggled when Tina said that each bridge she crossed she told her running mate, Theodora, that she was going to make the bridge her bitch.  The mantra kept them both motivated and Tina and Theodora had amazing PRs.  So obviously CONGRATULATIONS go to them.

Before I got on the scale today I said I was going to make the scale my bitch because I was tired of the measly losses I'd had the past couple of weeks.  I wanted to see the numbers really moving again.  I did!  I was down a whopping 3.4 pounds this week.  I really bumped up the effort and amount of activity I had, not even using weather as an excuse one day last week. I was active on 5 days last week and racked up 26 activity points.  Clearly, when I took a short break from the activity (because I was sick and the weather) the weight loss decided to take a break too.

During the meeting Karen asked the group how many people have trouble losing weight during the holidays.  Lots of nodding and raised hands and then she issued a challenge for us.  Her meeting groups would compete against each other to see which group could lose the most weight.  Awesome.  I like a good competition as much as the next guy and this will, hopefully, help keep things even more in check over the holidays.  I mean being accountable to yourself is one thing but to be accountable to a whole group of people?  Yikes!

Have you ever been a part of a contest like this?  How did you do?

PS - Big thanks to Bob for the great photos


  1. You go girl! And congrats to the puppies too for their efforts :) Scales ARE bitches and should be treated as such...awesome work on the 3.4 pound weight loss!!! Everyone will laugh at my contest, but you know me so it won't surprise you in the least. When I was in the hospital having Lillian, the labor and delivery nurse said there was a contest going between her and 4 other nurses at that point (that's a lot of babies coming!) to see who's patient could have their baby first. Sweet! Nothing like a little competition to get you through THAT event. It worked! I won, and miss Lillian (also quite the competitor already) made her appearance first. It felt awesome and kept my mind focused on something other than my thoughts that "this thing is NEVER coming out!". Make Thanksgiving your bitch next :) (but do enjoy it a little too!).

  2. Ok so there are contests all around, aren't there?!

    I've already planned my part of the Thanksgiving menu and Mom has let me know her dishes too. Some will be traditional Haines menu items and some are new hoping to become traditional. I'm really not worried about Thanksgiving because there will be enough activity that week to offset (hopefully) any indulgences. I'll be posting my alternative recipes soon.

  3. Good luck with the contest! The holidays are always a killer for me- between recovering from NYC Marathon (and the extra "treats" that come along with it!), and then the food piling on - I always gain a few lbs.

  4. Thanks! I'm looking forward to it but that's probably directly related to the fact that I had a good weigh-in this week. Do you just accept that you'll gain a few pounds during the holidays? Do you have a plan to work them off later or how do you deal with it? (sorry if I'm nosey!)