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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another 5K, a new PR and my holiday menu

Last Sunday I did a 5K walk with my bestie Sheri and her daughter Brianna.  My friend Kim from my WW meeting ran the 5K too.  It was to support the Helping Paws Animal Welfare Association in Woodstock, IL.  Brianna volunteers there, I love a good 5K and who doesn't love helping the animals?!

The weather was odd that day, it was super windy at the starting point but as I got going into the course the wind was blocked or it died down and I was wearing my new Under Armour jacket that has a pretty warm inside.  I started to get hot and could tell I was sweating a lot, so much so that my sleeve was practically dripping, but I kept pushing through.  My reward was a new PR of 48:48!!  That's nearly 10 minutes off my time since the first 5K I did back in May.

Tuesday I had to be in the city for a work event so I missed my regular meeting but I made it to a meeting tonight.  My leader handed out paper plates and we were to write down all the things that we were going to eat for Thanksgiving.  Then she asked us what we'd wrote and she went through the common PointsPlus values for the foods.  It's always interesting to see the appropriate serving size and hear the PointsPlus values for each item.

Luckily, I'd put a lot of thought into this a few weeks ago because we are going to be at my parents house for the holiday.  Mom is making the turkey, mashed potatoes, squash, stuffing/dressing, and pumpkin pie.  I am making roasted beets, coconut topped sweet potatoes, caramel apple salad, stuffing with sage and chives and a batch of pumpkin muffins. When I tallied up my items, including turkey, my plate ended up being 15 PointsPlus.  That's not too bad considering the rest of the day will hopefully be pretty light.  I'm also going to try to get in a LOT of activity points next week so that even if I indulge a little bit that I won't punished for it on the scale.

Have you made holiday plans?  Do you make special arrangements so that you can stay on plan or do you just hope that you'll be able to eat healthy?


  1. Jen -- congrats on your latest PR for your 5K! And I'm so proud of you for looking ahead at your thanksgiving menu... what a great inspiration. I will try to curb my prego sweet tooth for Turkey Day... xoxo...

  2. I had totally forgotten about the carmel apple salad. I'm going to bring that as bessert! :)

  3. Thanks Meg! I hope you guys have an amazing Thanksgiving. Give our love to the whole clan and especially the li'l man.

    And to Sheri (I'm pretty sure that is your comment about the caramel apple salad) you're quite welcome for that reminder!! :)

  4. Way to go once again, Jen! Super duper great! So proud of you! Love, Mom

  5. congrats on the PR! I hope to not be too bad during the holidays, but at the same time, I want to enjoy as well. Everything in moderation?

  6. Thanks Rach! Yes, definitely everything in moderation. Planning ahead also helps to make sure there are some health(ier) options. Oh, and a nice hour or so carved out for activity. :)