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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Travel vs. Plan

On Monday I flew out for meetings in Boston.  It was just a quick trip but one that I did fret about a little bit from a WW perspective.  I tried to plan ahead by taking some Pretzel Crisps (2 points per bag), Chocolate Pretzel Bars (1 point each), honey crisp apples and the standard Crystal Light Iced Tea with me.  Most meals were provided but I was still nervous and I had every right to be.  I've been to IBM conferences before and they are generally not very weight loss friendly.  This was no exception.  There was more fresh fruit available than normal but there are really only so many apples you can eat in a day, right?  Most of the other food served was either fried, in a cream sauce or dessert.  I had enough will power to avoid the dessert table, thank goodness for the 1 point bars! 

I did not have the will power to resist the New England Clam Chowdah however.  I had it for two different meals and I can tell you it was worth every single point.  Though I'm sure that someone is going to need to remind me of that the next time I go to weigh in, which I hope will be tomorrow.

It's really good to be home, especially because our house is really filled with lots of food that is really good for you and good for the program.  Being able to have a meal where you know the exact point value is amazingly refreshing.  I was lucky enough to have some 2 point chili left in the fridge and today was a great day for it.

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