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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy weekends

This weekend was a scrapbook retreat weekend.  This means that on Friday morning I pack up all my scrapbook supplies, drive to McHenry and spend the weekend laughing and scrapbooking with a great group of women.  It also very likely means that I don't leave the hotel until late Sunday afternoon.  This hasn't been a problem before but I've never been on WW and gone to a retreat at the same time.  This was going to be an interesting weekend and an interesting weigh-in.

As it turned out, I was exhausted on Tuesday and decided that with my FUT sisters we would not go weigh in.  Not only was I tired I was also worried that after last week's big 0 in the change department that I would either have the same result and be the exact same weight again or I'd actually have gained.  I love the hostess of our retreats and she did a fantabulous job of trying to make sure the food that was offered as fairly healthy but just because it's healthy doesn't mean you can eat 6 of them!

So, I spoke to my Mom on Thursday night and she asked how my week went because she knows I go to Tuesday meetings.  Oh great, a guilt trip from Mom.  Nope, I hadn't gone and when I spoke to her I was on my way to go grocery shopping.  This would be a good mix for sure, right?

I decided at the last minute that I'd at least go weigh-in.  I wouldn't stay for the meeting but at least I could weigh-in for the week and be done with it.  So, when I stepped on the scale I really thought there was something wrong.  Did the scale really just say that I'd lost 4.8 pounds?  Really?

It did.  I have the sticker in my meeting log that proves it.  HOLY CRAP!  That's awesome!  When you have those losses, it also makes it easier to go to the grocery store and focus on all the good stuff rather than that brownie you've really been thinking about!

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