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Saturday, May 23, 2015

I needed a push

With TRI training in full force (my race is now less than a month away -- EEK!) I was in the pool this week for a couple of work out sessions.  I'm swimming along and as I approach the wall I tucked, and got a really good push off.  I realized that in life I sometimes just need a good push.  I realized that to take a job in a state where I knew, literally, one person I got a push from Dad.  For my most recent job change Dan provided the gentle nudge. Let's be honest, those boys know what they are talking about!

On the activity front I've gotten those friendly pushes from Coach B and my sister, Brenda.  The push to pursue a triathlon came from my dear friend, Naomi.  Again, I don't know where I'd be without these people who not only inspire, encourage and support me but are just wonderful people to have in my life.

As I recalled (thanks to Facebook's On this Day function to be honest with you) what's been happening in my life over the last few years I realized how, sometimes, we just need the little push outside of our comfort zone.  To pursue the thing you didn't know you wanted but now desire.

What or who pushes you?  Who do you push?

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