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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Small Changes

I have a little golden key!!
This was not the original topic of this post but I felt that it was so super important that I had to write it.  This week we talk about the ripple effect.  When I joined Weight Watchers nearly three years ago (it'll be my anniversary in eight days!) one of the things that my leader, Karen, said to me really stuck with me.  Make small changes/set small goals.  Each time I'd ever tried to lose weight before I felt like I overhauled my entire life.  I changed everything I was eating, tried to work out like crazy, etc... and those things would work for a few weeks and then I'd give up because I was exhausted and I just wanted a cookie.  Or twelve.

This time, however, I made the small changes.  I started by just calculating and tracking everything that I ate.  I saw results at the scale and kept going.  I drank more water and focused on the good health guidelines and the scale kept moving, mostly in the right direction.  Until it stopped.  I kept saying I needed to add activity and a few weeks later I finally did by starting to walk on the treadmill.  The scale started moving again and I kept feeling great about the things I was doing.  I was walking farther, faster or sometimes both!  I was also bragging about these accomplishments which also helped motivate me to continue.

All of these small changes ripped into my weight loss.  In the time I've been a Weight Watchers member I have lost 215 pounds and tonight I received the most awesome of all the rewards.  Tonight Karen handed me the little golden key that means I am a lifetime member.  All because I made small changes which became lifestyle changes and just a part of my routine.  How amazing is that?!

What small change can you make that can make a big difference in a month?  A year?  Three years?


  1. Congrats on Lifetime!!!

    I stopped drinking Mt Dew 18 months ago and wish it was as easy to make the other changes I need. I joined WW (again) in May and finally started to journal and track my food on Monday. My goal is to work on those small changes! Thanks!

  2. Hi! Glad to have stumbled upon your blog! I was wondering if you feature guest postings. Thanks and have a great day!