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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pre and Post Race weeks

When it comes to weight loss/maintenance these last two weeks have been the hardest.  About a week or two before the half marathon the amount of miles that I'm running begins to taper so that my legs can recover from all the miles.  Then you run the race and after that you spend time recovering from the race.  The difficulty comes in trying to moderate how much I eat during those weeks.  While I was logging a lot of miles it was natural to eat more, hopefully they are healthy choices, but as my miles begin to diminish so should the amount that I'm eating.  Except, someone forgot to tell my appetite that!

The other problem I have is that I've grown accustomed to the high mileage weeks.  I got used to spending a certain amount of time out running or cross training.  However, I know the benefits of the recovery periods as well so during the taper weeks when I'm spending less time running I need to figure out where to spend that extra time.  And it has to be away from food.  It's a change I'm working on ... slowly.

I think that continuing to monitor the amount of protein I'm eating has been helping because my weigh-in this week went better than expected.  After indulging at Revolution Brewing on Saturday after the race and trying to re hydrate since the race I'd expected to be up.  Luckily, the scale was forgiving and I lost the same amount that I gained last week.

How do you manage the recovery weeks and not eat the entire kitchen?

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