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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Scales are confusing

After my other long runs (the 15K and the 10 mile) the next weigh-in was always disappointing because I gained.  I tried to rehydrate and refuel in moderation but I always gained.  As I'm sure you're aware I ran most of a half marathon over the weekend.  No?  Oh, go read my race recap.  It's edge of your seat, nail bitingly fun!  After the race we ordered room service (it was so-so but not great) and I enjoyed my birthday cupcake from the team while I sat in the ice bath (that's one way to make an ice bath instantly awesome).  We split a scone in the airport and a protein bar I'd gotten at the expo.  The only other thing I ate all day on Monday was fruit that I'd gotten from Mom before we left. Thank god Tina has talked about the snacks she takes through the airport because I packed my carry-on with plenty of fruit so I'd be able to have healthy snacks in the airport and on the plane!

On Monday, after traveling all day, I was not looking forward to trying to plan out a meal.  Frankly I was just exhausted so cooking (even if we'd have had food in the house, which we didn't) was a non-starter.  We decided to go fetch our dogs from our friends and stop at Chipotle on the way home.  Once home Dan opened a bottle of wine and I thought that since I'd likely gain anyway I might as well make the wine my celebratory "I finished a half marathon" drink.  Yes, I've matured so much since living this plan for the last 2.5 years!

So imagine my surprise when I got on the scale yesterday and my leader said that I lost weight!  WHAT?  Yes, I lost 0.6 pounds and I have no idea how.  I mean I know I had the race but I also know that I ate/drank more Points+ than I should have per day and struggled to get in all the good health guidelines.  So I guess the scale is still a mystery to me...  YIPPEE!!

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