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Monday, March 10, 2014

Success Events

Diane, Terry & me
In total we've lost 430 pounds!
photo courtesy of Martha
Last Friday I weighed in and sat in on my "meeting as a member" (vs. working a meeting) and was thrilled to be back in my goal weight range.  I'd gained some weight after I stopped training last fall and it has taken me awhile to lose those 10 pounds.  I'm barely back in the +/- range but I'm hopeful that I'll now be able to maintain.  I thought the timing was particularly appropriate because Saturday was our Success Stories event at Weight Watchers.  I was thrilled and honored to be a part of this fantastic day.  We had four members speak to the group about weight loss, their a-ha moments and maintenance.  It was inspiring and motivating to listen to their stories and see the similarities in our respective journeys.

Helene, a friend from our Tuesday night group, who recently hit her goal weight asked Diane (who lost over 100 pounds and is definitely a constant inspiration to me) and I whether maintenance gets easier.  Diane said that she asked Karen, our leader, that question awhile ago and Karen said no.  Which makes me think of one of the quotes that Karen said to us a long time ago.
Losing Weight is Hard.
Maintenance is Hard.
Staying the Same is Hard.
Choose Your Hard.
While I have struggled with maintenance I think that when I accept how I have to eat and how active I know that I have to be that this part of the journey just feels a little easier.  I think if you find new things that you love and focus on them rather than focusing on the things that you don't have anymore it feels easier.

What new loves make your journey easier?

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  1. as a chap who is 'cuddly' i sympathise. My weight went up during illness and is not coming down well but i shall persevere