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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Brain Dump

It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything because... well... I got lazy I guess.  Dan was out of town so I was trying to keep everything running smoothly while he was away.  I'd sort of forgotten how much easier things are when we're both here to tackle the day to day tasks, not to mention handling the emergency situations.  Anyway...

I've been struggling with the scale as of late.  I'll lose one week and gain it right back the next week.  It's very frustrating and I know it has more to do with emotional eating than I care to admit.  I've had to adjust my meeting schedule so I'm still getting used to my meeting on Friday morning.  My new leader, Sally, after being asked about evening/night time snacking exclaimed "if you're not hungry why are you eating" and I find myself playing that out in my head fairly frequently.  The answer is always the same.  Because I want to eat.  I just need to stop I guess but let's face it, that's easier said than done.  I will continue to try though...

On a completely unrelated topic, or maybe not really, we were talking about the Yonanas machine in one of my meetings.  My friend, Jen, had one so I asked if I could borrow hers and holy wow.  We have made some very yummy treats.  This may also have something to do with the weight gain/loss.  The basic premise is that you peel a banana and freeze it.  You put the frozen banana and/or any other frozen fruit you want into the machine and it makes it into a soft serve consistency.  Some of the delicious combinations I've made include cherries and bananas, blueberries and bananas or bananas with Better 'n Peanut Butter.

I'm still training for my first half marathon of 2014, the Oshkosh Half Marathon.  My long run for this week was a total bust as I was having some pretty serious knee pain.  Rather than finishing all eight miles I decided to call it quits after 3.57 miles and walked a half mile home.  I was disappointed in myself but I was afraid that continuing to run would only lead to more stress and injury.  I know that the training plan/season is long and measured for a reason so I just have to trust that my future training runs will go well.  And maybe help me lose the last few stubborn pounds that I need to get rid of, again.

So what's going on with you guys?  Have you tried Yonanas?

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