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Friday, December 6, 2013

Healthy Snacks

Last month we talked about slowing down and sipping water between bites.  I have a hard time with that routine but will continue to work on it this month.  I feel like I have extra time to continue working on this routine because I already have the December routine perfected.

The other day I ended up taking my car to the shop because the check engine light was flashing.  I'd packed a couple of things to take with me and I was certainly glad that I did.  What I hoped would only be an hour or so of work ended up being more than three hours.  I know that had I been sitting there without a snack I would have either gotten something out of the vending machine or tried to eat nothing until I got home at which point I would eat everything.

This has become my routine.  Whenever I leave the house I think about how long I will be gone and where I'll be going.  Depending on the amount of time I might just take water.  Yes, water can be a snack because sometimes dehydration will fool us into think we're hungry.  If I know I'll be out awhile I'll usually take water and a snack.  Generally, my snack will be an apple because they are one of the more durable fruits that I can toss in my bag.  If I know I'll be out for a significant amount of time I'll either pack a couple of snacks, including some protein.

How do you deal with being out and about and realizing that you're hungry?  Do you pack a healthy snack before you leave the house?

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