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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Your inner voice

When I began my weight loss journey I thought that it was a competition.  A competition between my friends or the other members of my meeting group.  Then I realized it wasn't a competition with others, but rather a competition with myself.  At various times throughout this journey (and on long runs during half marathon training) there is voice inside me that tells me to quit.  

When things get hard and I just want to binge eat the voice tells me to go ahead.  

When I'm at mile 9 and my toes hurt the voice tells me to stop running and walk awhile.  

Except, I know that there is more inside me than that voice.  I know that I want more from myself and that means that I have to ignore that little voice.  I have to push past the craving and the painful toes and just keep going.

As it turns out this week is no exception.  I'm not sure what happened but when I stepped on the scale yesterday I was MORTIFIED.  I gained EIGHT POINT SIX (yes, yelling for emphasis cause it's 8.6 freaking pounds!) pounds in one week!  I'm hoping it's some strange hormonal thing or that I'm retaining every ounce of water I've been drinking to rehydrate since my half marathon.

Either way I have changed the voice inside my head.  I know that the effort it will take to lose that weight will be hard but I also know that it'll be worth it.  So... I'm back on track.  Back to tracking every single bite, lick and taste.

How do you push past that voice?

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