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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sometimes I'm a moron

I know how much you guys love to hear my stories about how stupid I can be so here is one to chalk up to the old "duh" category.  For those that don't know I have been hired by Weight Watchers as a Receptionist and Leader.  A couple of months ago my Territory Manager (aka my boss) asked if I'd ever done the Simply Filling technique.  I told her that I hadn't and she strongly encouraged me to give it a try so I promptly went home and looked up some Power Foods.

For those that don't know the Simply Filling technique is a program where you eat Power Foods (fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables, lean protein, fat free dairy, etc..) until you are satisfied and then you stop. Any indulgences are subtracted from your 49 Weekly Points Allowance.
The trick with this program is that you have to listen to your body signals.  I believe that this is a skill I've never truly mastered and one of the reasons that I needed Weight Watchers in the first place.

When I started looking at the list of Power Foods I was amazed at the Whole Grain/Reduced Calorie breads that are listed as Power Foods.  As I was following the PointsPlus Plan I'd eat a maximum of one serving of bread per day, usually for breakfast.  When I started following the Simply Filling technique I decided that my indulgences would be whole wheat english muffins with a little honey (oh goodness they are delicious, aren't they?) and soon I was eating at least one or two more servings of "bread" every day.  When I track my PointsPlus values 3 PointsPlus per english muffin seems like an indulgence (4 PointsPlus with a little honey) so I'm not sure why I thought I could/should eat this every day.

After a few weeks of Simply Filling and watching the scale climb I decided to go back to tracking my PointsPlus values and I lost the weight, again.  However, I don't like being defeated so I'm trying the Simply Filling technique, again, but being smarter about what (and how much) I'm eating.

Have you tried Simply Filling?  Any thoughts?

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