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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Losing weight = losing Points Plus, or does it?

When I weighed in today I was relieved to find out that I lost weight.  I really didn't think that I would have considering I weighed in last Thursday.  I blogged late about it on Saturday so if you missed it, here's what I think about eating out every day for a week.  Pat, my favorite receptionist, looked at me and said well the good news is that you lost weight.  The bad news is that you get to eat less!  Hrmph. 

Losing the daily PointsPlus value is a struggle because, obviously, you have to consume less food.  Or do you?  If we make smarter choices with healthier, more organic foods will we be satisfied longer?  I'm ok trading a higher PointsPlus value snack for a bowl of cherries (I love the Ranier Cherry season - if you haven't gotten some you really should splurge on them!) or a banana.  I've even found myself craving Peanut Butter Toast (2 slices Sara Lee 45 calorie multigrain bread with 30 grams or 2 tablespoons of Better'n Peanut Butter topped with a sliced banana is only 4 PointsPlus!).  These snacks can keep me satisfied for hours and don't rob my PointsPlus bank. 

About 6 months ago we found an all organic, grass-fed beef farm not far from our house that has really reasonable prices.  They let you buy in small or large (a whole cow) quantities.  While I was at my WW meeting my husband made a trip to 'The Ranch' today to restock our freezer so this is what made me think of this.  We've noticed that the grass fed and organic beef has much more flavor than the stuff we can buy in the grocery store.  So I'm hoping that really finding and investing in the quality products will help me appreciate what I do get to eat and even forget that I'm not able to eat such a large portion.

I want to leave you with this quote I read this week from Hannah Curlee (she was a Biggest Loser finalist this year) who was asked how to stay on track.  She said, make it about what you deserve not about dread and the long road ahead!

Oh, and go buy some Ranier Cherries.  But not all of them, save some for me.

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